2022 Application

Criteria for the BCALA-CT Dr. Spencer G. Shaw Scholarship:

1. Applicant must be of African-American descent.

2. Applicant must be a Connecticut resident at the time of application.

3. Applicant must be entering, accepted or taking courses towards an MLS degree at an ALA Accredited Master's Program in Library and Information Studies.
Please send copy of official letter of acceptance

4. Applicant must have completed at least 6-credits of an ALA –accredited MLS Library & Information Science program at the time of the application.

5. Applicant must submit unofficial transcripts of all post-secondary education by the deadline.

6. Applicant must submit (2) two letters of reference and your resume

7. Scholarships are not automatically renewed.

8. Award winner will receive free registration to the 2022 CLA Annual Conference, May 3-4, 2022, Hartford Convention Center, Hartford, CT.

9. Amount scholarship $1,500 (one-time recipient)

10. Deadline for application and essay is April 12, 2022

BCALA-CT Dr. Spencer G. Shaw Scholarship

Dr. Spencer G. Shaw is a retired public librarian, educator and world renowned expert on storytelling and library services to children. He was also the first African American Librarian to be hired at the Hartford Public Library in 1941 (more about Dr. Shaw). The scholarship will be available to a Connecticut resident and African-American student accepted in an MLS degree program from an ALA accredited Master’s Program in Library and Information Studies.

Download application:
022 Dr. Shaw G. Scholarship - Deadline April 12, 2022